The Awesome Advantages of Deer Hunting from a Jet Boat

The Awesome Advantages of Deer Hunting from a Jet Boat
Deer hunting is what we do when we're not building jet boats for everyone. It's long been a family tradition, and when combined with Garry's history with jet boat racing and jet boat building, it's the perfect collaboration of sport and nature for us all!
For hunting enthusiasts, deer hunting offers a unique blend of challenge, adventure, and connection with nature. While traditional hunting methods involve traversing through forests and fields on foot, more and more people are realising the 'Next level adventure!' of deer hunting from a jet boat. Combining the advantages of speed, mobility, and stealth, hunting from a jet boat provides an exhilarating experience that enhances the overall hunting adventure. Plus the whole family can get involved in the action too!
In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of deer hunting from a jet boat and why it has gained traction with deer hunters worldwide...


1. Access to Remote Locations

One of the primary advantages of using a jet boat for deer hunting is the unparalleled access it provides to remote hunting locations. Unlike traditional hunting methods, which require extensive hiking or off-road driving, a jet boat can navigate shallow waters, narrow channels, and even dense vegetation. This capability opens up a whole new realm of hunting opportunities in areas that are otherwise difficult to reach on foot. 

Hunters can explore secluded regions where deer populations thrive, increasing their chances of spotting game and finding elusive trophy bucks.


2. Increased Mobility and Speed

The speed and agility of jet boats give hunters a significant advantage. Deer hunting often involves tracking and pursuing game over vast expanses of land, which can be time-consuming and physically demanding. Jet boats allow hunters to cover large distances swiftly, reducing travel time between hunting spots and increasing the efficiency of the hunt. 

With the ability to quickly relocate to different areas based on signs of deer activity, hunters can adapt to changing conditions and maximize their chances of success.


3. Stealthy Approaches

Successful deer hunting requires stealth and the element of surprise. Traditional hunting methods may involve noisy footsteps or the sound of engine revving, which can easily alert deer and send them fleeing. Jet boats, however, are designed to operate quietly, with minimal disturbance to the surrounding environment. The absence of a propeller ensures that there are no prop wash noises or exposed blades to scare off deer. 

This silent approach allows hunters to get closer to their prey undetected, increasing the likelihood of a successful shot.


4. Versatile Terrain Coverage

Jet boats excel in navigating various types of terrain, from shallow marshes to winding rivers and even frozen lakes. This versatility is particularly advantageous during the deer hunting season, which often coincides with adverse weather conditions. With a jet boat, hunters can access hunting grounds that may be inaccessible by land due to flooded areas or impassable terrain. Furthermore, the ability to navigate shallow waters and tight spaces enables hunters to explore hidden pockets of prime hunting territory that may be overlooked by others.


5. Enhanced Safety

Safety is paramount during any hunting expedition, and jet boats offer several safety advantages. The sturdy build of a jet boat provides stability and reliability, even in challenging water conditions. They are specifically designed to handle shallow water, submerged obstacles, and sudden changes in water depth, minimizing the risk of accidents or damage to the vessel. Additionally, most jet boats come equipped with safety features such as life jackets, emergency tools, and GPS systems, ensuring hunters can enjoy their pursuit with peace of mind.


Are You Ready to Jet Boat?

If you're keen to give one of our jet boats a try then we can organise a time to take you upriver from our property in Taneatua. You are also welcome to come out to our factory to check out our range and discuss the best jet boat package for your requirements. Contact us to book a meeting today!


I just want to say how happy I am with your Solar Package, especially the awesome trailer. The boat motor and trailer are set up real good. It’s a credit to you all.

Grant McGlade // //

Thank you and your company for the very professional service and correspondence in my purchase of one of your Solar Strela inflatables. 

I have completed the two hours on the initial running in at half throttle of the motor and am looking forward to the power that I feel the engine can produce in making a safe trip in the river when I have to open it up. The boat performs probably beyond my expectations in cornering and stopping in a hurry. 

Pete Salter // //

Best thing my husband has ever brought. You know I thought oh no it'll mean you'll be out with your mate's 247, but no it has brought our family closer and we have had many family adventures boating all across New Zealand. Stewart Island, Lake Hauroko, Wairaurahiri River, lake wanaka, the Wilkin, the horomanga, the whirinaki, waimana river, waioweka gorge, rangiteiki river, amongst a few, best purchase ever.

Karen - Facebook Comment // //

My husband and I were privileged to be able to hunt with Gary on his boat and what an awesome experience it was. We were able to penetrate deep into the Ngahere via the river. We quickly accessed the good hunting spots. These spots would normally take a long day of walking to access.

The boat managed the problematic areas of the river with ease and our comfort was not compromised. The boat was more than capable of the payload of 3 people, 3 dogs, and our hunting gear. Not to mention our harvested quarry on the return trip home.

Tui Keenan // //

I have been using GT Marine and Alloy services for over 10 years now for all alloy repairs to my truck and trailer units. Their workmanship and service are second to none. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them.

Jonathan Hayward // //
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